Corporate Onsite Support

Do you have a scripted job that you need help with in eastern Missouri or south / central Illinois?  Do you want an experienced professional tech to be your onsite hands-on assistant?  Don’t fly in a tech or have one travel to the site, VGraphix can provide you with an onsite technician to make these projects go smoothly.  We have been providing services like this since the company was founded in late 1994.

One of our technicians can be your onsite representative, performing the tasks you need done while helping to streamline and perfect the process.  If requested, we provide input on the project to make further operations easier for the remote / help-desk personnel by suggesting edits to the script or process if needed.

Past customers include Verizon, Penske / Whirlpool, Gap Stores, Cinnabun and many others – please Contact Us for more information including pricing and availability.

Franchise / Small Business Onsite Support

If you own or manage a franchise, small business or satellite / remote location then it is likely that many of your IT needs are provided by you, the owner.  VGraphix can provide the onsite support and services you need. 

Franchise restaurants, hair salons and similar businesses can benefit from having a skilled, experienced and efficient technician onsite, allowing staff and owners to focus on their business and not IT support.

Past customers include Dairy Queen, Sport Clips and many others – maintenance, upgrades and equipment replacement / installation are only some of the services we provide, Contact Us for more information including pricing and availability.