PC & Laptop Upgrades

VGraphix has been building and upgrading PC’s and laptops since 1994.  Many times it is more economical to upgrade your existing computers than to replace them, but sometimes replacement is the wiser investment.  Here are a couple of upgrades that can vastly improve the performance of your computer!

Memory Upgrades

Memory upgrades are an affordable way to increase the speed of your PC.  If you have 4Gb or less of RAM installed it may be time to install some more!  Windows 10 requires a minimum of 4Gb to run correctly, but runs much better on 8Gb or more – our systems at VGraphix all run a minimum of 8Gb with a couple running 16Gb.  This upgrade doesn’t affect your computer’s files or programs, they remain in place but load and run faster!  There are many types of memory which are arranged by type and speed – the most common today is DDR3, and new computers are now including DDR4 memory installed.  Call or email us about a RAM upgrade for your computer today!

SSD Drive Upgrades

SSD drives are providing the biggest performance jump we at VGraphix have seen in many years, both for laptops and desktops.

Hard Disk Drives

Until recently, hard drives were exactly that – a HARD drive, with a spinning disk (or platter) inside used to store information, similar to a CD or DVD drive.  Information is written and read with a laser on a moving arm which travels across the disk’s surface to access information.  These have a “speed limit” based on the speed of the disk spinning (the higher the better, 5,400-7,200 rpm being the standard). These drives are still in use but are being replaced by SSD drives.

SSD Drives

SSD drives, or Solid State Drives, are the newest storage technology and can be used in place of hard disk drives.  These drives offer a huge performance increase due to the fact that they have no moving parts, but the “disk” is a series of memory chips.  Accessing the information on a SSD is MUCH faster, there is no arm to read the information, just a micro-controller to access the memory chips in the drive.  They also run MUCH cooler and have a longer life than traditional hard disk drives.  These drives are all the size of laptop hard drives making them capable of being installed in both desktops and laptops.

How Do I Upgrade?

VGraphix can transfer your existing Windows, programs and data from your old hard drive to a new SSD drive without losing any information.  Other options include a complete PC or laptop refresh, this involves backing up your data first (if required) then reinstalling Windows and all available updates.  This upgrade usually can be completed in one day or less, email or call for more information and pricing.

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