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VGraphix is a registered APC Reliability Provider in St. Charles County, Missouri. We have completed training with APC to best solve your power needs with the right solutions.

APC Products are used in the VGraphix office in O'Fallon, MO to protect our server (APC BackUPS 500), networking equipment (APC PRO8), phone system (Antec/APC) and workstations (APC PRO8). Click the links for pictures.

Power protection is a highly overlooked risk. In our region, frequent lightning in the spring and summer are complimented by ice storms in the winter, making power protection a year-round concern. Power spikes and surges can cause "brownouts" which can damage electronic components and PC's alike. Protect your investment today!

All APC products come with an excellent warranty from the manufacturer as well as added insurance for the item(s) protected. APC provides an Equipment Protection Policy with all of their products - consider it to be insurance against power problems.

Please call VGraphix to discuss your options and needs.

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