Recycling & Data Recovery

Recycling & Data Recovery

Many folks have old machines (laptops, desktops, etc) that they are hesitant to dispose of because they still contain information.  The data may be either something you want to recover or something you don’t want compromised.

VGraphix performs data recovery for those who want the information retained, then providing that data to you on an external device such as a flash drive, DVD or external hard drive (depending on the amount of data).  Data includes information that was stored in the following folders: Contacts, Desktop, Documents, Favorites, Movies and Music. We can also recover financial program information (i.e Quicken and Quickbooks) as well as email-related data (i.e. Outlook or Windows Mail).  Data recovery typically costs around $45 plus the cost of media to restore it to.

Recycling old machines (and any other electronic waste) is done in accordance with all local, county, state and federal requirements for e-waste disposal.  VGraphix also goes to the extent of destroying the hard drives containing any data so that your information cannot be compromised or used in any way.  Each component is recycled, nothing ends up in the trash – not all companies do full 100% recycling, many just cherry-pick the machines for the valuable components and dispose of the rest.  VGraphix is a steward of the environment, the community deserves proper treatment of these products as they need to be disposed of properly to ensure this.  Recycling is provided at no charge EXCEPTING screens and monitors which are recycled in cooperation with St. Charles County Recycling.

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