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The Computer Services Agreement (hereafter referred to as the CSA) is customized for each specific company and its employees (hereafter referred to as the CSA members) or individuals. The purpose of the CSA is to centralize and standardize the services and support for the CSA members with services provided by VGraphix.

Centralized Services

This CSA will provide the members with a 24-hour toll-free support line for PC-related problem resolution and consulting. This will remove the burden currently placed on other employees, friends or relatives for computer support as well as decrease downtime due to PC-related problems.

All calls placed to VGraphix will be tracked and documented. A database of common conflicts and/or questions will be compiled as necessary, and access to this database via the Internet will be available to all CSA members.


In order to provide the best service and support possible, it is important for all users in a group to be as consistent as possible in machine configuration, operating systems, anti-virus versions and updates, etc. The CSA includes Norton Anti-Virus. The CSA members, with instructions and assistance provided by VGraphix, install the software.

Specific Services

The purpose of the CSA is to keep its members' PC's operating at peak efficiency. To insure this, a regular maintenance schedule must be adhered to. This includes many issues, not the least of which is verifying the anti-virus software stays up-to-date. The fact that many documents are shared between employees only makes this more important. The anti-virus software will be configured to automatically update. CSA members will have a number of tools at their disposal, including a toll-free 24-hour support line and e-mail support. Regular driver updates, operating system patches and other software support will also be covered under the CSA.

Terms of Agreement

The CSA will be on a monthly basis, payment due on the 1st or 15th of each month.

CSA members in MO and east-central IL will have onsite services included as part of the CSA, including mileage charges. Onsite labor and consulting will count towards the one (1) hour per month per member for those in this area. CSA members outside of this area will be charged travel time, mileage, lodging and related expenses for onsite services as required.

Hours are calculated in 15 minute increments. Phone calls, e-mails and related consulting regarding new equipment or services are not included in the CSA; these services are provided free of charge to CSA members.

If the total time is less than one (1) hour per member spent on services within a calendar month, the unused time (to the nearest 1/4 hour) will roll over to the next month. If the amount of hours continue to roll over in the following month(s), the CSA may be recalculated accordingly. This process will continue ad infiniteum or until both parties agree that a median number of hours is established.

If the total time exceeds one (1) hour per member, then the CSA will be recalculated to the mutual consent of both the CSA member(s) and VGraphix (using the above-described calculations).

New members added to the CSA after its inception will modify the CSA by adding 1 hour per month per new member (as well as the initial setup costs).

Cancellation of the CSA, once in place, will be effective at the end of the calendar month in which the cancellation request is sent. Either party can cancel the CSA providing that notification is sent to all parties on the CSA, including all CSA group members.

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