Small Business Saturday is 11/24/2018!

Support your local small businesses on Saturday, November 24th 2018!  By keeping your $ local you are helping support a member of your community, most of these dollars are spent locally as well.  Did you know that over 50% of the private workforce in the U.S. are employed by a small business?

Allow me to tell you how your support helps me specifically.  When I started VGraphix in November 1994 my sole intention was, and still is, to help small business and home users with their technology and computer needs. Working from home, I was able to perform day-care duties for my newborn daughter while still providing the support my customers need.  Now, 24 years later, we are expecting our first granddaughter Annabelle, and due to the support I get from my customers I am going to start my day-care duties in January 2019 all over again!

Over the past 24 years I have helped 5,000 customers with over 15,000 projects, and we’re looking to add a select number of new customers.  I do not advertise for the most part, instead depending on referrals and existing customers.  Please mention me to your friends and family during the upcoming holiday gatherings, they will thank you! I’m hoping many of you will SHARE THIS POST as well!

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